This is Hede Gård

Hede Gård is a “förläggargård” (an estate which was owned by the owner of textile/fabric production) with a beginning around the 1800s. Throughout time, the estate has been involved in sale and purchase of clothing materials. Today the Granat family is running the estate that includes a café, a B&B along with sales of various products. The focus of all these businesses is to create something different and put a large focus on environmentally friendly products of high quality. The estate is used to create a lot of what is sold as can be shown by the large green house as well as the animals kept on the property.

At the current moment in time there are smaller houses on the estate that are being renovated and rented out. The renovations are mainly done by hand with the help of outside suppliers with a focus on quality and sustainability, just like the rest of the estate.

As for what is located nearby, the estate is only located 5 minutes away from the large lake Lygnern, with only 15 minutes from Landvetter airport and 30 minutes to cities of Gothenburg and Borås.

The good life is represented at Hede Gård!

Hede Gård Café

Always freshly baked and crated in our own bakery! The café use egg from our own hens as well as berries, fruit and vegetables from the estates own green house and garden

This is where customers travel a long way to enjoy the scenery and the food!


Hede Gård B&B

Enjoy the chance to stay in the estates main building in a 4 share apartment with a 2 person bedroom along with a main room, dining hall and a small library.